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Assessment with a Cardiologist

Sign up now for an in-depth heart risk assessment via phone or Skype to review your heart health concerns

$199.95 $49.95

Heart Monitoring Service

Our service includes: a Zio®Patch heart rhythm monitor for up to 14 days, a detailed EKG report, and physician recommendations

$699.95 $299.95

. Apply the 100% recyclable Zio®Patch at home
. Continuous recording for 14 days
. No wires, so it’s safe to exercise and shower
. Receive a detailed confidential report
. Free physician consultation to analyze readings
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Common Symptoms

- Irregular/jumping heart rate
- Fluttering
- Dizziness
- Fainting or near fainting
- Chest pain
- Fatigue

Common Arrhythmias

Tachycardia (Fast Heartbeat)
Bradycardia (Slow Heartbeat)
A Fib (Irregular Heartbeat)
PVCs (Skipped beats)
V Tach (Dangerous)
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From the founder:

"This patch is an innovative way to care for patients as it records up to 14 days continuously. It is unlike any heart monitor out there today."
Steven Higgins, MD, FHRS, Chairman of the Department of Cardiology, Scripps Memorial Hospital, La Jolla and internationally recognized arrhythmia expert
50% of serious arrhythmias go undetected
20% of deaths in the US are due to sudden cardiac arrest
Holter monitors can only record 24-48 hours. Over 80% of life-threatening arrhythmias do not occur every day
Event monitors record only when you have symptoms. The Zio®Patch records continuously.
Unlike arrhythmias, strokes do not have very useful treatment after they happen; you must know you need treatment prior.
Atrial fibrillation is the most common serious arrhythmia and the most common cause of stroke
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What customers say about us:

"I had a life-threatening heart rhythm problem uncovered by SuddenLife. Thank you for saving my life! "

James M.

" My doctor was amazed! The report is beautiful and showed all my heart issues for 8 days of recording. "

Sam W.

"Cost less than one month of my lousy health insurance! I recommend it to all my friends."

Harry H.